Why Temple Bar Is Dublin’s Hottest Tourist Spot

Temple Bar isn’t just a single pub, but an entire area of Dublin that is the epitome of tourism for the city. It’s an area with cobblestone streets and a number of different pubs in a historical section of Dublin, and every night it comes alive with music and other types of performance art that makes it feel truly special.

Temple Bar has a lot of shopping opportunities, between small stores, eateries and the aforementioned pubs. There are plenty of kitschy, souvenirs on display, as well as lots of authentic local crafted goods and delicacies. It’s a place for everyone who loves anything about Dublin or Ireland in general to meet and experience a mishmash of styles and tastes in one place. For many, it is the definitive Dublin, though others see it as strictly a tourist trap.

It’s true that many of the goods can be overpriced there, as well as the beverages, but there is enough charm and energy in this one place that most people overlook that small drawback. For those who can only stay for a short while in Dublin, this is the spot to go, because they feel like they can see a good sampling of what Dublin has to offer in a single, small area.

The nightlife is what really makes this place special, though, as Temple Bar is renowned for its live bands, many of which start playing at the pubs in the area shortly before sundown. They play local music and perennial favourites, and the music seems to come from all corners of the area.

Of course, the pubs here are known for their drinks as much as their music and atmosphere. There are a number of regional favourites that can only be purchased at these bars, making this area a must-visit spot for beer enthusiasts.

Many of the walking tours through Dublin will take visitors through this part of the town, mostly because it is an excellent place to pick up a souvenir and it offers some historical significance. Many other buildings and streets go back hundreds of years, and that sense of history is palpable at Temple Bar. It feels like many generations have come and gone through these very streets, providing a clash of old and new that is truly incredible to see.

The bars can start to get kind of crowded at night, but they tend of feel cosy once you find a seat and get yourself settled in. Because it’s a tourist hotspot, the customer service is generally expected to be exceptional. It’s just another reason that visitors to Dublin tend to take time to stop off here and grab a pint or just pass through the busy streets to admire the architecture and meet some of the locals. Many locals are happy to stop and talk about what makes Temple Bar or Dublin so special to them.

If you are passing through Dublin or you have simply never been to Temple Bar, you should give it a look when you next pass close by.