The Best Dishes to Try in Dublin

If you are going to spend some time in Dublin, hopefully, you don’t spend all your time drinking yourself silly. If you do, then you will miss out on some of the great delicacies that only this town can offer. There are some world-renowned dishes that people come to Dublin to experience, and we have listed a few of them here for your perusal. Hopefully, the next time you go to visit, you will consider giving a
few of these a try.

Mixed Meat Plate
The Meat Wagon doesn’t limit you to just one or two meats for your meal. They offer this extravagant meat bounty that includes chicken, ribs, pork belly, beef brisket and onion rings, because you need to at least have one vegetable in there.

This is great for those people who can’t decide what they want to eat and then just go with everything.

Fish Finger Sandwich
For a vegetarian friendly option, you may want to try the fish finger sandwich from Super Miss Sue. This is exactly what it sounds like- fish fingers stuffed into a delicate sandwich, with the added delight of mashed peas and tartar sauce, all served up with some crispy chips.

This restaurant is also famous for its oysters, which are considered a Dublin mainstay as well, but we think this sandwich tops them.

Coco Pop French Toast
San Lorenzo’s in Dublin is famous for having some eclectic dishes you won’t find anywhere else, but the true granddaddy of them all is this delectable dessert that takes French toast and covers it in caramelized bananas and peanut butter. With whipped cream and candied peaches as toppings well as a drizzle of chocolate syrup, this not going be something you want to count calories on, but you definitely want to give it a try if you have a sweet tooth.

Ice Cream at Murphy’s
On Wicklow Street, you’ll find a little ice cream shop named Murphy’s that sells the most incredible frozen dairy you have every tasted. They simply know how to combine flavours in a way that explodes in your mouth, and they only use the finest ingredients. It’s a truly unforgettable dessert experience, and one that you will want to save some room for.

A common staple around Dublin is the Boojum restaurants. These keep popping up all over the city, but they definitely go out of their way to offer fine dishes, and at the top of the list are their burritos. These are packed with fresh ingredients and served on soft tortillas that are flavourful in and of themselves. If you don’t want the burrito shell, then you can always ask for everything in a bowl. You will cut a few carbs that way, but that’s not much of a way to enjoy Dublin’s fine food.

These are just small sampling of what Dublin has to offer. You can find many more great dishes if you ask around and see what every one’s favourite is. Trust us, everyone has a favourite in Dublin.