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UCCs flagship entity in Imerc is the Beaufort Research Laboratory. The new national ocean energy test tank facility and multidisciplinary accommodation will come on stream from March 2014. It will house 135 researchers under one roof, with expertise in areas of ocean engineering, marine science and sustainable energy.

Beaufort is also a centre of gravity for the Science Foundation Ireland Marei Centre, which focuses on building capacity to establish Ireland as a global leader in marine renewable energy.


Cork Institute of


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The CIT has been the national hub for training master mariners in seamanship and navigation for over 30 years. In 2004, the CIT and INS engaged in a Public Private Partnership with Bovis Lend Lease, to establish the National Maritime College of Ireland to train candidates for the merchant and navy professions.

The NMCI represents a component of national infrastructure in support of the development of Ireland’s maritime sector, including ship, fire, flood and engine simulator suites, technical workshops, and environmental training pool .

The NMCI provides access to a wealth of end user expertise in all areas of navigation, marine engineering and marine security.

The commercial potential of NMCI is demonstrated by its joint ventures with SMEs such as Seftec Ltd and the Multinational Corporation GAC.

Irish Naval Service


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Expertise in marine science, ICT and engineering in UCC, and technical knowledge in the NMCI, is complemented by the human capital in the Irish Naval Service.  As Ireland’s largest maritime institution (approximately, 1,100 personnel), over 50% of personnel are technically focused in areas such as ship logistics, surveillance systems and subsea operations. 

INS participation in IMERC represents a unique opportunity for professional development among Naval Service personnel, whilst providing added value to the State in its provision of a public good service. The INS role in MERC provides end user driven solutions to end user identified problems.

The environment facing the INS is rapidly becoming more complex and challenging and a key response by the Service is to be more closely embedded in the knowledge economy, thus to become itself a ‘knowledge institution’.  The inculcation of a culture of innovation within the Navy provides an opportunity for transformation to a post-modern Naval Service for the State.