Industry Cluster

IMERC Industry

IMERC industry clients range from SMEs to Multinational Corporations. New industry partners are always welcome. IMERC support to industry spans a range of activities, including:

Access to national test-bed facilities

Collaboration in innovation partnerships

Campus based industry suites

Brokering and networking events

Joint venture partnerships




Industry led R&D projects aim to deliver new products and services into the marketplace. Projects underway cover developments such as software for dynamic ship refit scheduling, ocean energy device development, and power takeoff and control systems.


Strategic Pillars

Exploitation of the human capital within IMERC requires a focus on priority thematic areas, designed to leverage from the core strengths within the IMERC community.  The strategic pillars around which people, enterprise and institutions are focused are:

Marine Energy

Shipping, Logistics and Transport

Maritime Safety and Security

Yachting Products and Services

Ocean Energy Device