How to Save Money on Hotels in Dublin

Those planning to visit Dublin but trying to stick to a budget may want to look into some ways of cutting their hotel spending costs. After all, that’s always one of the most expensive parts of travelling. Here are some tips that should help you save money on hotels while you visit the Irish capital.

Travel During Slow Times
There are certain times of the year when it is cheaper to get a hotel room than others. These are typically the times when tourism traffic is low. Tourism tends to be at its peak during the summer months, when people are out of school and during the holidays from late November to early January.

In Dublin, however, there is another holiday that sees lots of tourism coming into the city, and this is St. Patrick’s Day. If you can book your hotel at some other time of the year than those we mentioned, then you should be able to find some good rates. Autumn is probably the best time to find a long stretch with great rates and to not have to work too hard to find a decent hotel.

Book off the Beaten Path
If you book a hotel near the biggest tourist sites and attractions, you are likely to pay more. Yes, you may have to travel a bit to get where you want to go, but you might enjoy taking the more scenic route each day, and you can save considerable money this way. Instead of booking right next to Temple Bar or Phoenix Park, for instance, you may want to find a hotel near the edge of the city or even just outside Dublin.

This also means that you should have less trouble finding public transportation to use, as you won’t have to fight with a bunch of other tourists who booked hotels in the same basic area as you.

Get Package Deals
From time to time, you can find some great package deals on hotels in Dublin. If you use discount travel sites, such as Expedia or Travelocity, you can often find hotel, airline and attraction packages that get you everything you need for your trip in one place. These can save you quite a bit of money, if you hold out for the really good deals. You may have to travel off peak times in order to swing the really good deals, but that’s a great way to save money as well, as we already discussed.

Choose Hostels over Hotels
It may seem like cheating to suggest that you not book a hotel at all, but in Europe, hostels are a viable alternative that outside visitors don’t always consider. You may have to share a hostel with some other people, or you can find a private room, if you do some looking, but the prices are always cheaper than what you would pay for a hotel. If you don’t mind the meagre accommodations, this can be an excellent way to get in all your sightseeing and still have some money left over for souvenirs.