How to Experience Dublin’s History

More than just about anything else, Dublin is known for its history. It still offers a lot of historic structures for people to see and even explore. The cobblestone streets have, in many cases, been in place for generations. The various museums scattered about the town offer a look at the city’s long and storied history and give insightful looks into what life in the past must have been like.

There is so much history in Dublin to soak up, and if you plan to visit this city to experience some of that, then here are a few suggestions to help you along.

See the Clash of New and Old
You can’t quite appreciate the history of a thing until you compare its past to its modern-day counterpart. If you go to the tourist favourite Temple Bar, you will see cobblestone streets and old Irish pubs mixed in with newer shops, bright, young faces and neon lights. It is this wonderful mix of the new and the old that will help you better appreciate how the city has changed and how much of it has stayed the same from generation to generation. While so much of Dublin has advanced and moved on over the past hundreds of years, some of it still seems
very keyed into an ancient time, and Temple Bar is one of the best places to see that juxtaposition.

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Visit Trinity College
Arguably no place in Dublin offers as much history as Trinity College does. There are all sorts of stories to be told about the kind of people who attended school there as well as the important role the college played in the history of Ireland and Dublin. The college is also a repository for a large number of ancient tomes, which have a history in and of themselves. This college also showcases some preserved
buildings that date back hundreds of years, and their classical architecture stands as a testament to fine workmanship.

Take a Museum Tour
Dublin is blessed with museums. There are tons of them, dealing with subjects as common as art and history to more esoteric and fanciful niches, such as leprechauns. All of them give insight into the history of Dublin and Ireland while telling their own stories about what people find important or interesting.

The National Museum of Ireland is the obvious choice, with its massive structure and myriad of displays, but there are lots of other great options as well. The Little Museum of Dublin, for instance, has tons of items you won’t find anywhere else that are part of a private collection dating back hundreds of years.

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Of course, you don’t want to forget about the many different historical monuments, churches, bridges and other structures around Dublin. This is a city with plenty of stories to tell, and some of the most interesting will take some work to discover. If you are going to visit Dublin, be sure to take in some of its history and gain a better appreciation for how the city became what it is today.