How to Experience Dublin’s History

More than just about anything else, Dublin is known for its history. It still offers a lot of historic structures for people to see and even explore. The cobblestone streets have, in many cases, been in place for generations. The various museums scattered about the town offer a look at the city’s long and storied

How to Save Money on Hotels in Dublin

Those planning to visit Dublin but trying to stick to a budget may want to look into some ways of cutting their hotel spending costs. After all, that’s always one of the most expensive parts of travelling. Here are some tips that should help you save money on hotels while you visit the Irish capital.

When to Visit Dublin

If you are planning a trip to the Irish capital city, you may want to consider what the best time of year would be to make your visit. You should factor in what the weather will be like as well as what kind of events will be going on at certain times of year. We’ll

Why Temple Bar Is Dublin’s Hottest Tourist Spot

Temple Bar isn’t just a single pub, but an entire area of Dublin that is the epitome of tourism for the city. It’s an area with cobblestone streets and a number of different pubs in a historical section of Dublin, and every night it comes alive with music and other types of performance art that